Limited to a total of 400 cars globally, the FE and FXE will be fully bespoke to each client..

Double Trouble


The FE and FXE are inspired by the great American driving roads, just as they have served as the muse for singers, architects, writers and countless artists before.  The FE is a super grand tourer for the modern driver, while the FXE is a true Hypercar for the road. Both are every inch American.



Limited-run specialty vehicles


Aria Group was born from engineering and has become the leading design, engineering & manufacturing facility in North America.  As well as developing concept cars and pre-production cars for nearly every OEM around the globe, we are the proud partner of the re-imagind cars by Singer Vehicle Design.


singer frame porsche 2.jpg
singer frame porsche.jpg

Shaping of an American Hyper Car


The defining feature of the innovative deign of the FE is its long sleek silhouette, with its cabin positioned more central than its European super car counterparts.  The unique leaning forward side intake is inspired from the F22 Raptor fighter jet, which is an American icon. 


FXE_Interior_002 Lens Flare background grey.jpg

For those who


desire more...

The gull-wing style doors glide up to invite you into a truly unique interior experience.  The pressure padded seats are sunken into one large piece of super-form titanium that spans the length and width of the unique cabin, and has all the a/c vents and switches laser itched into it.

FXE_Interior_001 CR Background.jpg
FXE_Interior_002 Lens Flare background.jpg
FXE_Interior_002 Lens Flare background grey.jpg


Inspired by modern day F1 cars, the steering wheel and pedals are maneuverable forward and aft.  The steering showcases a Head-up Display (HUD) with laser technology that projects key information onto the windshield. The crisp, bright image can display vehicle speed, navigation, gear selection and revs.  This new technology helps minimize time spent looking down at the instrument cluster. 

What lies beneath...


Every FE is powered by a mid-mounted supercharged V8 engine.  With its unique advanced block casting, the engine produces 740bhp in the standard FE coupe, making it one of the most powerful engines in its sector.

The FXE model takes the super grand tourer principles and turns them on their head by combining the same engine that resides in the FE model, and combining it with a twin electric front axle allowing the power output of the FXE to be increased to 1150bhp and over 1340ft/lb Torque. This gives the perfect 50/50 weight balance providing superb performance and handling in all conditions.


Main specs Performance 2.jpg